You Can Now Buy A Mickey Mouse Club Snowman Ornament Mug From Disneyland!

Oh it's the greatest time of year because Disneyland is giving us a reason to buy more things that WE ABSOLUTELY NEED IN OUR LIVES! The newest item that needs to be on your must-have list is this Mickey Mouse Club Snowman Ornament Mug. It was first spotted at Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, where it was selling out every time they would restock, but it finally made it's way over to Disneyland so we can join the fun too!

The ornament of a snowman wearing a Mickey Mouse Club ear hat varies in price depending if you want it by itself, with a snack, or frozen drink inside. If you only want this stein mug by itself then it's $8, if you want it with fresh grapes or pineapple it's $15.99, or if you want it with a frozen beverage it's $14.99. You can find this holiday mug all throughout the Disneyland Resort. Are you going to buy this?

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