Build-A-Bear Is Selling A Christmas Story Ralphie Bear!

Build-A-Bear is always a fun stop to make when you can literally build your own bear and dress it up any way you like. We especially love it when you can get a themed bear based off of one of your favorite holiday movies. Well Build-A-Bear just released A Christmas Story Ralphie bear! Now before you freak out about the price, keep in mind this themed bear comes in a bundle. The bundle includes the themed teddy bear, Ralphie's glasses, and of course last but not least the iconic pink bunny suit. It's $51, but look at the bright side you get all of that in the bundle plus no eyes will be shot out with this toy! Keep in mind it is an online exclusive so if you want it, you should hurry up and get it while you can this holiday season.

You can check out the adorable bear below:

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