Welcome to Friday... here are some of the things you'll hear about today!

Good Morning... and welcome to Friday!

There's a ton of stuff to talk about today... I kid you not, between last night and this morning, I've been fascinated with so much stuff I've been wanting to get with you about... I feel bad because my friends on Facebook must have seen a flurry of posting/reposting/sharing... that's kind of what I do when I see something I want to tell you about... I post it at facebook.com/tobyknappON... and that's the place to go where we can debate, discuss, laugh... live... the comments you leave on some of the stuff we bring up are just amazing.

Anyway, let's get into all of this stuff... We've got Taylor Swift drama. Tips for single people who are anxious as the holidays approach. Things to help you introduce a significant other to members of the family. People hacking your computer camera to record you watching videos so they can get money out of you. And more...

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