Should I be concerned about this strange email I received?

Should I be concerned about this email?

I guess someone named TOBY KNAPP is planning on a 15 day holiday to Latin America... but clearly it's not this guy named Toby Knapp, because the only travel I have coming up - currently scheduled - is for the end of the year when Kyla, my daughter, and I head to London...

I got this email one evening earlier this week and posted about it on Instagram... and instantly, the comments made me wonder if I was about to be the victim of some sort of identity theft... in fact, even my mom reached out concerned that my identity had been compromised.

However, a check of my ID monitoring services shows that I'm - for now - in good shape... but you never know, right?

The strange thing about this email: It was just an itinerary... no contact information, no "address" or "email" from a travel company - aside from the email of the sender... I didn't reply to it because, well, PHISHING scams are a thing and I didn't want to risk it...

What do you think about this? Thoughts? Any other precautions I should take? Hit me up and let me know...!

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